Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Monday, 17 March 2014

Mixing the Seasons

Spring flowers are everywhere now; in gardens, by paths & roadsides and in the shops.  This makes it a bit difficult to be thinking of Christmas, but the planning goes on!

Every year, just before Christmas, my family gathers together for what we call The Sleigh Run.  It is the day when we meet to exchange the bags of presents we will be opening on Christmas Day. And, because our informal family motto is "where two or three are gathered together, there shall be a celebration", we have a special meal with fun, games and small table presents.  Come Christmas Day itself, we will be celebrating in a number of different homes, but this is the day we celebrate Christmas together.

Our festivities include some sort of activity or game to reflect our chosen theme and my mother has just proposed the one for this year.  Based on the traditional village hall beetle drive this will be a Christmas Pudding drive, with a race to add dish, pudding, custard, holly leaves, holly berries and currants.  She even had a sketch to show me - and bearing in mind that she has lost a lot of her sight, that was no mean feat! So her sketch and notes are in the file and another item has been ticked off the Master List, a highly satisfying feeling.