Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Sunday, 4 January 2015

A bit of a moan

In spite of all I see to the contrary, it is still Christmas!

I can understand people who have packed away their decorations this weekend.  While many of us were working between Christmas and New Year and on Friday, there was then a distinctly festive atmosphere, which will not be present tomorrow. Plus, the weekend gives people time to take down and pack away their decorations, which is important when you have a lot to do.

Where I do have a bone to pick, is with shops that want to pack away Christmas on Boxing Day.  While I may have some sympathy with price reductions on Christmas wrapping paper and similar such items, the disappearance of Christmas food before Twelfth Night is not so forgivable.  It is still the Christmas season, and get togethers this weekend should still be able to feature mince pies and other such festive foods without the need to have bought them on Christmas Eve!

So the photo that goes with this post is one of three tree decoration made by my mother. Each depict one of the three Kings - who haven't yet arrived …

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