Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Number 12

My final item is another good all year round one

Not being all that tall, this small step is invaluable at any and every time of the year but really does come into its own when there are decorations to go up or come down.  The fact that it folds flat makes it even more useful as it can be stored away but remain readily available.

So we have reached the point where most people's decorations are down and the towns and villages no longer sparkle with Christmas lights.  As we packed away the office decorations, we ate the mince pies baked and sent in to us by the mother of one of our team.

It can feel a bit flat at this point but happily we have my mother's birthday celebrations to come at the weekend and, of course, I will be stringing Christmas out until 2nd February anyway!

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