Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Final Goodbye to Christmas 2013

Last night I finally put away my crib scene, which means that the last vestige of Christmas 2013 has now gone back in its box.  My justification for keeping it out until now is that in time gone by the Christmas season was held to last for 40 days and to end with Candlemas Day, the 2nd of February.  Although I have an all-in-one wooden crib scene today, I used to have a cheap plastic set of individual figures.  I would set it out in stages and the Kings were on the opposite side of the room from the manger until they "arrived" on 6th January, so putting it all away immediately seemed a bit rough on those Kings!

Looking forward to Christmas 2014 I have been shopping again, to the final days of the sales.  Supplies for Christmas puddings in various formats ...

I am also gathering together patterns and images for the various things I plan to make and I'm drawing up and charting my own designs.

Another of my February tasks is to be on the look out for good photo opportunities.  In previous years that has included taking snow photographs that I have used in cards.  Today's sun prompted me to take some of the rather beautiful berry-laden holly tree:

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