Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Dilemma and the Compromise

Once October comes I have a dilemma to face.  The shops are full of the Christmas stock and I know that if I'm to be ready without a last minute panic then I really do need to make a start on getting things bought and made.  BUT, I really don't like to start everything too soon; rushing into Christmas and missing out on all that autumn has to offer.

Once upon a time I didn't start working on Christmas until mid way through November when it was time to make the cake, and that gave me plenty of time.  However, things have changed over the last decade; I am busier at work, have increased family commitments and much less energy.  Waiting for mid November would be a recipe for disaster.

So I compromise.  I gather together all the Christmas craft items, work out what else I'm going to need and get it bought.  I make a start on the crafting and I make lists but at the same time I make sure that I take time to appreciate the fruits and colours of autumn.

Last weekend we went to a craft show and bought the rest of the coloured card we will need for our Christmas things. We also managed to pick up a few more items including a couple of stamps.  This weekend I have been sorting through the textile items I need - wool, embroidery threads and Christmas patterned fabric. This coming week I plan to make a start on the embroidery and after that it will be time to start making cards.

But just to even things up, I have also been for a autumn walk and remembering my late brother-in-law's superb pumpkin and ginger soup.

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