Christmas Village

Christmas Village

Monday, 22 December 2014

Not tonight, not tomorrow night ...

The "not tonight, not tomorrow night" was the way my brother did his own counting down to Christmas when he was a small child. What it means is that Christmas is now Very Close.  Because we had many of the team in for a meeting this morning and after today there will be few people in our main office before Christmas, we opened the rest of the Advent calendar!  It just served to remind us of how near we are to Christmas and there was a definite air of excitement.

My vital task for today was to ensure that I've got all the regular medication I'll need while shops are closed and while I don't really want to be going out to the shops. I know I could go out if I had to, but I much prefer to set aside a few days to devote to celebrating and enjoying the Christmas season - walks over the immediate Christmas period should be for pleasure, not to the shops!  Medication does need a bit of planning because there is something I take once a week and currently I'm taking it on a Thursday.  As I have to have it first thing and then have only tap water to eat/drink for about 45 mins and have to remain upright (no slouching or laying down and no bending over either) for that time, I know that I really don't want to be taking it on Christmas Day!  Christmas Eve seems a much better idea as I will be working from home and can work my breakfast and coffee around it all.

Today's photo is of Cressing Temple Barns in the snow:

It isn't a recent photo, but it looks very seasonal!

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